Commercial Lines

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Hispanic and African American truck drivers standing in front of semi-truck. Focus on Hispanic man (40s).

Business Auto

Citrus Insurance Group can insure a wide range of commercial autos and business types; from specialty contractors and service businesses, to dirt, sand & gravel units and tow trucks, to manufacturers and trucking for hire. Our team of experts at Citrus Insurance Group will make sure your business is covered and covered properly.

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Business Property

Theft, fire, broken equipment — an unexpected loss can spell financial ruin for any business not adequately prepared. Citrus Insurance Group can obtain coverage to help safeguard your most valuable assets, so that you can rest easier knowing your business is protected. Whether you are a one location shop or have multiple offices, our solutions can provide the essential protection no business can do without.

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Tools, machinery, and mobile equipment represent a significant and critical investment in your business. Theft, fire damage, or vandalism can result in costly repairs or project delays. You cannot always avoid losses, so purchasing insurance is a prudent way to manage your risk.

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Professional Liability

In a world where lawsuits are a common occurrence, having added liability coverage for your profession or business is not just smart—it is a necessity. Our solutions give you and your organization an added layer of protection for your specific responsibilities and exposures. From doctors and architects to non-profits and fitness facilities, we have a full range of specialized coverage options that are tailored to protect your unique needs. Minimize exposure to damaging claims and high-risk situations with protection you can count on.

A table decorated for a wedding reception

Special Events

Weddings, bar mitzvahs and reunions can be covered by a Special Events policy through Citrus Insurance Group. Don’t let not having insurance spoil the fun and make sure your most special days are protected. We also offer coverage for larger events such as trade shows, sporting events and concerts. Request a Special Event insurance quote from Citrus Insurance Group today.

A construction worker applying medical bandages to an injured co-worker

Workers Compensation

No matter what type of business you are in, your employees have the possibility of getting hurt on the job. Workers compensation insurance covers your business in the event this does occur. Citrus Insurance Group works with the most dependable carriers who offer comprehensive claims services and competitive rates. At Citrus Insurance Group, we are here to make sure you and your employees are protected properly.

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